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ClientMurlan Noakes Pty Ltd
Location Clarke Rd, Woolwich Dock NSW

Deckhouse Cafe is a 240 seat cafe and function centre located at Woolwich Dock.

Located on the water and flanked by the Clarke’s Point Reserve the building form presents as a simple grouping of iron gable roofs built around a central sandstone spine wall. This wall passes through the building from one end to the other, merging with a landscaped entry court at the southern end and the iconic sandstone dock at the northern end. Sandstone has been the building material of choice in the area for many decades and today it defines the historic significance of Hunters Hill – as does the heritage listed Woolwich Dock itself.

The building seeks to maximise the use of passive environmental controls with operable window walls, wide eaves, natural cross ventilation and day lighting to all areas with external louvres. These provide shading and glare control to particular areas as required.