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ClientAustralian National Maritime Museum
Location Pyrmont, NSW

Our client needed a new facility for their ‘back of house’ activities, including object storage, design studios, curatorial laboratories, photography studio, administrative offices, library, workshops, and a huge exhibition space able to accommodate fully rigged vessels. Crawfords created a new building that contextually fits within the wharf and maritime environment of Sydney’s historical Pyrmont district. We did this by evoking the typical wharf architecture of the era and in the building’s section, proportions and surface texture. This was accomplished using thoroughly modern materials, detailing, colours and graphics. The building fulfills all of the Museum’s current needs, plus contains a third floor of commercial space within its volume. This space is currently tenanted, yet preserves expansion space for the Museum’s needs of tomorrow, while earning income today. This is an example of a public institution’s successful entrepreneurial spirit achieving what it needed without resorting to the public purse.