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ClientFDC Construction & Fitout Pty Ltd
Date2009 - 2010
Location Melbourne, VIC

One of the most complicated and difficult co-ordination projects ever undertaken by Crawford Architects was the design and documentation of Vista Print’s Asia Pacific Headquarters.  Located in Melbourne, this building has a fully serviced production floor area of 9,800m2 with an additional 2,100 m2  administration wing.      

Operational tolerances for each of the myriad of building services installed were almost scientific in their application.  In addition to the conventional building services such as power, data, air handling, mains pressure, hot water reticulation, fire services and sewage, there was also, reticulated chilled water, compressed air, paper extraction ductwork and structural droppers all reticulating at high level so as to avoid aerial conveyor paths and sprinklers.  Many of these services are co-ordinated to drop within millimetres of highly sophisticated industrial printing machines to enable a ‘plug and print’ scenario.  Also of note is the building envelope, fully insulated throughout the manufacturing area and designed to provide a stable paper-working environment. Imagine having to fix a paper-jam in a 40m long photocopier running on compressed air and 3-phase power.