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ClientLend Lease
Location No.1 O’Connell St, Sydney

No.1 O’Connell Street is well recognized as a distinguished architectural form within the city, but its ‘Status’ becomes lost at street level as it disappears into the array of adjacent street facades. The task at hand through invited competition was to reinvigorate, revitalise, and re-excite this landmark podium. We provided it with a facade that separates it from its peers and highlighted its build-to-boundary context.

The facade rhythm is generated from 2 non-parallel waves offset from each other both vertically and horizontally, both apex and valley. A twenty one panel repeat was adopted, mostly undetectable, establishing construction rhythm and economy. The wave repeats 4 times and blades are then fashioned in 4 widths, referencing existing facade modulation. The repeat is imperceptible. Selected lower blades and folded ends mark circulation and positions of significance.