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ClientAustralian Technology Park
Location Australian Technology Park - Eveleigh Railway Precinct NSW

Redeveloped to provide 2,400sqm of office space over 3 levels, this modern, elegant, curved structure has been constructed within the shell of a restored Victorian-era workshop. Bay 15 provides a striking contrast between the existing heritage envelope and its new internal structure.

The Sinuous form of the inserted new floors provides an elegant counterpoint to the regular rectilinear enclosing walls of this heritage building. Three floors of office space have been designed to set against opposing walls, north and south of the ‘Main Street’. Connected at the upper levels by bridge links, the passage or ‘open’ side of the tenancy forms a continuous curve, which reverses direction at the crossover.

As people traverse the public areas on any level they are subject to a constantly changing perspective within what is essentially a ‘brick box’. The walkways provide easily understood and visually attractive elements which connect with stairs and a lift which permits vertical access to all levels and both the adjacent floors in Bay 16 to the south