Crawford Participates in PARK(ing) Day


As an initiative to engage in a broader design project, promote sustainability, engage with the community, collaborate with our design and development peers (on the wharf in Sydney Harbour), and for a bit of fun, Crawford Architects collaborated with Arcadia Landscape Architecture, and decided to partake in the world wide event of PARK(ing) Day.

Whilst we could just get involved on our own, there was an opportunity to gather our local Design conscious Colleagues together and build larger and more diversified responses to the event.  As such we joined forces with Sutter’s and Altis, and through collaboration created 3 separate, but unified responses that engaged with the community throughout the day – The Arcadia/Crawford results are attached. There appeared to be even distribution of people (that passed our structure) that indicated they either drive/walk/cycle to work – interesting survey results being one of the great outcomes of the day. (excluding the last child of the day, who took home the remainder of non-distributed helium balloons – to her great satisfaction).