NSW/ACT Independent Education Union Parramatta new office fit-out by Crawford Architects Builders/Belmadar Pty Ltd

After recently completing hand-over of their office, the clients IEU have commented “the high level innovative finishes reflect well upon both the architect and the builder. The design, especially the varying internal ceiling heights and cladding have attracted much positive comment.”

The translation of the project into reality has been achieved for a second time (an earlier city undertaking was completed in 2013) by Belmadar Construction. The collaboration of Crawfords and Belmadar provides a team approach which delivers quality on time.

IEU Parramatta Boardroom

Master Builders Australia Award for COS – Complete Office Supplies

One of our most valued clients, FDC Constructions took out a total of 7 awards at the 2013 MBA excellence in construction awards last December.

Crawford Architect’s warehousing, unique adaptive reuse office component, and infill dual deck split level parking structure design assisted FDC to win the award for Complete Office Supplies – Best Commercial building in the $10m-$50m category

Complete Office Supplies - Image courtesy of FDC Building

Complete Office Supplies – Image courtesy of FDC Building

Crawford Participates in PARK(ing) Day


As an initiative to engage in a broader design project, promote sustainability, engage with the community, collaborate with our design and development peers (on the wharf in Sydney Harbour), and for a bit of fun, Crawford Architects collaborated with Arcadia Landscape Architecture, and decided to partake in the world wide event of PARK(ing) Day.

Whilst we could just get involved on our own, there was an opportunity to gather our local Design conscious Colleagues together and build larger and more diversified responses to the event.  As such we joined forces with Sutter’s and Altis, and through collaboration created 3 separate, but unified responses that engaged with the community throughout the day – The Arcadia/Crawford results are attached. There appeared to be even distribution of people (that passed our structure) that indicated they either drive/walk/cycle to work – interesting survey results being one of the great outcomes of the day. (excluding the last child of the day, who took home the remainder of non-distributed helium balloons – to her great satisfaction).

Crawford’s first venture into Hong Kong


Crawford Architects is proud to announce our first project in Hong Kong: Serco Asia Pacific.

Serco is a provider of professional, technology and management services by managing people, processes, technology and assets more effectively.  Serco employs over 100,000 people in more than 30 countries, delivering local services informed by many years of international experience and expertise. They advise policy makers, design innovative solutions, integrate systems and deliver front-line services that make a positive difference to customers and communities. Serco works across a variety of sectors, including transport, health, justice, immigration, business process outsourcing, defence, infrastructure services and consulting.

Check out more images of this project here.

Flannery Centre in Architecture Bulletin


The Flannery Centre and Paul Godsell were recently featured in Architecture Bulletin, the official journal of the NSW Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects. Paul talks about thermally broken aluminium windows and doors on the recently completed Flannery Centre at Bathurst.

“The client very early on wanted to take on as many sustainable building techniques as they could to prove that it doesn’t cost a significant amount more than a standard building. I think that actually has been achieved. I mean it’s creating it’s own energy, they’re putting power back into the grid, they don’t even have to turn the lights on. We’re anticipating a 6 Star Green Star building.”

Concept Design for Tokyo Stadium Competition


Crawford Architects submitted a concept design for the new National Stadium in Tokyo for the Japan Sport Council’s bid for the 2020 Olympic Games in September.  The winning entry of this international call for submissions was recently selected.

Our concept is derived from a sea urchin “test” (shell). While the symmetry is not obvious in the spiny form of the living animal, it is easily discernible in the dried test; a fivefold symmetry defined by white bands where the sea urchin’s rows of tube feet are located. These five bands are represented on the stadium by the five vertical super trusses supporting the roof and aperture structure. The operable portion of the roof is a mechanical iris diaphragm formed by five rotating leaves further reinforcing the significance of the number five in Japanese culture and philosophy.

The roof closes around the Olympic Torch which is suspended in the center of the aperture below the roof structure. When the roof is open, the five leaves of the mechanical iris nest in under the fixed roof. The fixed portion of the roof and the operable leaves are clad in translucent ETFE ensuring that the stadium interior is bright and inviting under all weather conditions.